electric bike cycle reviews

Best Electric Bikes

Increasingly crowded roads, use of fossil fuels and degrading quality of environment have given rise to the concept of electrical bike with more countries providing biking tracks making it safer for riding around an electric bike. Every year the number of electric bike users increase by 30 percent In the recent past electrical scooters have enjoyed a massive rise in popularity, recording a rise in sale with more awareness about environment pollution and fitness, as people are looking to add a little pedalling to their daily lives to boost their metabolism and improve the air quality around. Electric bikes are costly as compared to normal bikes but when you take the look at the overall picture with add on prices of insurance, maintenance and fuelling most importantly of an automobile, an electric bike pays off itself within a year of purchase with zero emissions, no parking fees, no gridlock, no re-fuelling, Simply a clean, hassle free, smooth and convenient ride. Just plugin to your wall socket for a few hours and you are ready to go, maintenance is the same as any bicycle just the battery needs to taken care off as it can be temperature sensitive with varying seasons of the year. The best thing about electric bikes are they are, long lasting and eco-friendly, they help make world a better place to live in .Align yourself at par with an ecological and socially responsible platform, to make country greener and pollution free with variety of electric bikes to choose from among the marketplace, go for a trendy and sporty bike to enhance your style quotient. Mesmerizing design, eye catching colours and hi tech features, these crafted to perfection best electric bike offers everything which a true biker looks for to have a good ride.

electric bike cycle reviews

Best Electric Bikes Reviews

Electric bikes though enjoying the spotlight these days, the invention of electric bikes is dated long back around late 1890’s by John Starley, the oldest known inventor of the running machine, post that many worked on the wooden model of various bicycles and tricycles to make the modern bicycle. Consequently with time the two wheeler lost its charm and appeal making it disappear from the scene, subsequently the cycle focused on its designing feature and starting with the kids soon women’s and men’s from all walks of life started taking up the bag wagon. Around 1990 the electrical components were introduced which made way to sensors and power control which are basic essential features of a properly running ebike .the rise of computer era boosted the development of batteries in huge volumes, this paved the way for new development and design for electrical bicycle, two new features were added to the conventional cycle. The electric motor to support propulsion and a batteries to provide with energy source were now the primary selling point of bicycle which again brought it in to the marketplace. Bicycles are energy boosting, they bring out the child in you, a good way to burn the excess calories as well as serves as a mood enhancer, you can ride it anywhere and everywhere, while breathing in some fresh air and catching up good workout. However, it is not always convenient to spend so much of time and energy cycling around when you have rough roads and time constraints. In the hour of need you require something faster and less tiring like an E-bike. New electric bicycle were introduces in the millennium year and certainly made a wave in the market.as the time grew upon so does the knowledge of electronics and technology, further enhancement in battery technology and electronics gave rise to the invention of electronic bike.

What is an Electric Bike?

E bike is basically a modern bicycle integrated with electrical motor to offer assistance in riding a bicycle. Peddles motors are fixed into the crank area of an e-bike frame to offer accelerating electrical assistance proportional to the amount of power being exerted by the rider. The power output of these motors vary with every model but the majority are equipped with a power output of 250 watts and above.

Type Of Electric Bike

The pedal powered invention enjoys a mass following and hence has many trending styles in the marketplace. Following are few of the most popular Ebikes or battery bikes

Urban E- Bikes –One of the most popular and trending E bikes in the market place, these capable bikes enable riders to make short trips without sweating or expending large amounts of energy. It is a safe and reliable ride.

Mountain Bikes – electric mountain bikes are the most powerful e-bikes effectively. A normal mountain bike but with pedal-activated power assistance located in the bottom-bracket, are typically available in either hardtail or dual suspension configuration with suspension travel in excess. These machines are likely to be more forgiving than their un powered cousins, making them perfect for beginners and experienced mountain bikers alike.

Road Bikes – latest categories to score electrical assistance, electric road bikes display aerodynamic efficiency of a traditional road bike with the effortless power of a pedelec drive unit with the abilities to tackle any climb or epic ride with a little more ease. The endurance focussed geometry electric road bikes are best suited to big days in the saddle or tackling hilly and to provide additional comfort, traction and puncture resistance.

Cargo Bikes- cargo e-bikes are rapidly becoming a viable option for both commuters and businesses to move goods, combined with the effortless power on offer from an electric drive unit, cargo e-bikes are perfect for people wanting a bike to commute to work, or carrying kids, pets and shopping with 3 wheels offering wide stance to ensure the bike is both comfortable and easy to control when fully loaded with goods or on slope.

Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

It can be very confusing to select the perfect electric bike, without a proper review, rather than just settling for a bike that ranks high on the rating charts or is manufactured by a big company, you should choose one that suits your needs. We bring to you a detailed review of this cheap electric bike that fit your budget to buy. One should look for specifications such as the type of bike, gear speeds, wheel set, frame, night vision and other add-on features rider’s needs on a bike but most importantly the e-bike buyers should  check the durability and reliability of the motor along with the battery pack.

In this section we bring to you top 10 best electric bicycles of 2018. All the following Electronic bikes are of extremely good quality but we recommend that you read all the reviews before choosing the one that you think will go with your desire.

Here are:

1. Cyclamatic Power Plus:-

The Cyclamatic power plus is the electric bike that is highly durable correctly defined as it is very practical and brings enjoyable experiences to the rider It has a better motor performance and battery life and  is perfect in every meaning of the word. Wheels in the mountain frame bike are fitted with firm stainless steel spokes that distributes strength and durability equally. You can expect to ride longer miles around 25-30 miles in favourable conditions, like no wind and flatter surface, before you see the battery alert.  It packs within, seven-speed S gears along with front and rear mud guards, water bottle holder and reflectors.


  • Long lasting battery power
  • Suitable for height range 5’3-6’2
  • Even speed shimano gears
  • Comfortable saddle for longer rides


  • Poor performance on hilly surface
  • Heavy manual peddling
  • Lack of automation
  • No seat adjustment
  • No led for night riding

2. NAKTO Electric Bicycle:-

Nakto Electric bike are designed to suit the petite size and lighter weight of the women folk. This 250 Wcargo-electric Bicycle is very affordable e-bike with a number of such e-bikes in the market. Nakto has front v break, rear expansion break and 6 break shimano transmission system to boast about. You can choose speed according to your preference, the brakes provide you with full control and safety. It is also equipped wth bright led lights for night vision. Packed with a revovable battery it can travel upto 35 miles per charge.

Pros :

  • Dual Mode- the bike can be used manually or with in motor.
  • The frame is steeper and hence can be used by both the genders.
  • Brushless motor- offers smooth and noise free ride.
  • Removable, long-lasting and highly durable batteries.
  • 6 Speed Gears.
  • Range- the battery life lasts upto 35 miles per charge.


  • Heavy- a heavier frame leads to more efforts on the slope making it a tad bit difficult to get to the top.

3. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike:-

Ecotric with a strong driving force of 500 W rear hub motor removable battery, is one of the most powerful battery available in the market.it includes tiers thicker than usual (26 x 4.0) anti slipware and resistant, which is the best selling point of this electric bike as this added feature makes it more balanced, stable, fast and safe making it highly durable in all conditions, they are the perfect companion for any weather condition or terrain. It has aluminium frame which makes it highly durable and heavy duty. One of the best perks being it comes 90% pre-assembled with greatNo night light or LED, which makes it unsuitable to attention to every detail lets one enjoy the safety of assembly. It has three speed levels which go along with paddle assist where in the rider can enjoy up to 20mph of speed with rear disk brakes making the journey safer.it is also accessorised with small storage box with a lock attached to it.


  • Fat tiers, durable in all conditions and terrains.
  • Full charge offers 20mph of speed limit.
  • Heavy duty aluminium frame.
  • Can accommodate up to 260lbs of weight.


  • ride in the dark.
  • Non- adjustable seat, which makes it difficult for a short height ed rider.

4. NAKTO Electric Bike E-bikes for Men and Women:-

Nakto electric bike has a low step which makes it convenient to ride on and used by both men and women conveniently, as one need not climb on to the bike making it suitable for people from all walks of life be it short heighted, with physical pains or for older people as well. This one bike go well with the entire family from kids to grandparents uniformly. The bike comes 90% assembled, with very little to do once delivered, hence it is ready to use very easily, in no time with absolutely no requirement of any detailed instructions to assemble it. This bike includes few handy add-ons accessories such as the basket, horn, lights, etc so that you don’t have to hunt for these in the market or spend extra. Your bike is ready to be used as soon as it is assembles, while other competitive bikes being priced doubled the offer, this bike fits perfectly within the budget making it the best pocket friendly buy.


  • Smaller design comfortable for young as well as adults.
  • Adjustable seat position and height levels.
  • LCD display on the handle bars.


  • On pedalling, motor kicks in full throttle.
  • Heavy weight, making it difficult to manage on slope.

5. NAKTO 350W Electric Bicycle Mountain E-Bike:-

This Electric bike is made of aluminium alloy frames with the front fork made of carbon steel for better control over breaks. This smart electric bike is packed with a number of features like smart multi-functional LED anti light digital dashboard displaying PAS level 1-5, speed km/hr, distance-KM, Time Show, Vol Show, CUR Show and Battery Power Show. It includes 2 disc brakes for proper safety and control with 6 speed transmission system, for rider to adjust speed according to his preference, horn and the bright LED headlamp for night riding. Packed with 48V,removable lithium battery, the bike is equipped with smart battery charger making you ride up to 30-45Mile with pedal assist and 350W high speed brushless gear motors easily assisting you to travel with speed limit ranging from 25-30 MPH.This E-bike  has 2 working modes, E bike and assisted bicycle, the rider may choose the E-bike mode to enjoy a long time travel while exercise or may combine the two modes for a better choice with selectable pedal assist or variable speed throttle.


  • Smart battery charger
  • Dual mode assist.
  • High strength material
  • 48V, removable battery
  • 95% assembled


  • Nonadjustable seat
  • No rear suspension

6Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Bike:-

Hollywood racks sports rider bike can carry 2 electric bikes up to 3 inch wide tires of each, It can carry 2 electric bikes or standard bikes. It has a load capacity of up to 80 pounds on each slots, it include extra heavy duty wheel holders for heavy load carrying capacity. The rack is easy to install with no tool hitch tightening system for fast and secure installation, folds up when not in use, tilts down for easy cargo access, including a keyed alike hitch pin. It is important to remove the batteries before mounting the bikes on the rack.

Electric Mini Bike Reviews

An electric mini is basically a down scaled or compact version of a full-fledged electric motor with kids as the targeted group, though adults may enjoy the miniature version too. They come in a variety of shape and colour, easier to ride and maintain. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option for hiking and fun then electric mini bike is the best option for you. They offer speed ranging from a minimum of 20mph to maximum of 65mph

7 . Monster Moto MM-B80-BR Classic Gas Mini Bike:-

If you are looking for maximum fun then monster moto is hard to beat, this mini bike equipped with modern features packs in 80cc with 2.5 HP and four stroke heavy duty overhead valve gas engine with automatic no-shift centrifugal force clutch giving a maximum speed of 23 miles per hour, Tubeless Pneumatic Tires with Steel Rims and hand operated cable actuated rear disc Brake. Rugged, reinforced frame & adjustable handlebars


  • Wider grip tiers
  • Top speed 20 mph


  • No electric start
  • Single disc break on the back

8. EuroMini-ZiZZO 23lb Lightweight:-

Euro mini ZiZZO has super light and strong aluminium alloy frame. It comprises of V style brakes, genuine Shimano revo components with 8 speeds and grip style shifter, ultralight urban road tiers and adjustable stem adapts for riders of all sizes from below five feet to six feet plus tall. It boast a weight carrying capacity of 240 lbs.


  • Folding pedals
  • Light weight
  • 95% assembled
  • Magnetic catcher to keep the bike in place


  • Costly maintenance.

Foldable Electric Bike Reviews

Folding Bikes are ideal for people with limited storage space or wanting to use a bike in addition to car, bus and train travel. A city bike is small and compact for storage and portability and are typically standard for use in all light conditions.

Foldable electric bike bring the real joy of cycling while travelling, whether on a vacation or travelling foldies are the best option enabling convenient storage and portability with their compact folding design, they can be easily fit in small spaces as well as in the car trunk. Different brands offer variety of folding bicycles however it is important to consider the key factors and mostly with folding products durability is the major factor that can take a setback hence it is vital to analyse the pros and the cons before you invest your money and soul into it to enjoy unrestricted cycling.

9. Addmotor Motan Foldable Electric Bike:-

Designed for teenagers and adults Addmotor Motan Foldable Electric Bike is a comfortable and convenient ride that with its robust body fits in for all terrains be it highway, dirt road, trail, snow, beach road or slope. Easy to install and carry this E- bike comes packed in 95% installed leaving just the saddle, pedals and fenders to be assembled by the buyer


  • Strong and stiff aluminium alloy body
  • Fashionable and sporty look
  • 750W high speed motor
  • 48V, 11.6AH battery
  • Adjustable handle bar and saddle
  • Strong folding frame


  • Heavy at 67 pounds
  • Rear frame difficult to install

10. SWAGTRON SwagCycle E-Bike:-

The motorized bicycle runs on 36v battery & a 250-watt motor with running time of 2.5 hours.It is great for short trips around town, In this era of electric bicycle, you can get any style to fit your cycling but if you don’t have enough space to keep your full-scale bicycle then the Swagtron pro electric folding bike is a perfect option made of aerospace grade aluminium frame, the compact bike is strong and can support up to 264 pounds, comprising of collapsible frame and handlebar that ensures stress-free carrying and storage. The eco-friendly 100% electric bike with powerful motor is excellent in giving this bike thrilling torque. As a result, it delivers awesome 18 mph, battery offers an extended range of up to 15.5 miles with a single charge.It also supports app based easy navigation that enables speed and location display and a USB ports let you change your smartphone on the Go.

Pros :

  • Budget friendly
  • Light weight
  • Room for accessory attachment


  • Limited suspension
  • Sluggish performance

Electric Bike Vs Regular Bike

Electric bike offers ll the advantages that a regular bike offers but cancels out the negative effect caused by the regular bikes. Electric bikes are comparatively cheaper than the regular bikes and the key factor being eco-friendly, reducing the air pollution and global warming .Eco friendly solution are a need of the hour to save our planet for the future generation, but with increasing in no of automobiles and pollution it has been difficult to maintain the quality of air leave alone protecting it. In such alarming scenario electric bikes are the best way to reduce the amount of air pollution and help clean the air we breathe in. Secondary benefit being the ease and comfort especially if you are going on a slope or uphill

Extra Features

You might want to add comfort to your ride with a little few extra features. While not strictly necessary, these features can add a lot of comfort and flexibility to your adventures.

Following are extra additions that you can add, that some of the better ones include;

  • Saddles – is located at the top of your seat post, more of a personal preference this feature makes long journey more comfortable. There are various types of saddles available in the market, wider, softer, narrower, harder choose one according to your riding style and comfort. Gel pad being the best option offering optimum comfort in all situations.
  • Seat posts- Some seat posts include suspension, leading to an extremely comfortable ride, even in the absence of no bike suspension.
  • Rear Packs – They are right over your rear wheel, as the name implies, attach a basket or use some rope hold it all in place. The greatest utilization of rear packs is that you can very easily mount a light to the end of it for night travelling.
  • Mudguards – Mudguards are small simple plastic guard on the front wheel that guard against the splash of weather.
  • Lights – lights are essential for a safe journey, staying visible is very important while going fast.
  • Kickstands- flicking down your kickstand is extremely easy, and is usually an oversight from those building electric bikes, it might come handy when you just got to keep your bike aside for a fraction of minutes.
  • Chain guards- it is a simple feature but can add a lot of ease to use, it wraps around your chain when it meets the chainring and stops loose fabric and other debris getting in.
  • Suspension – combined with a suspension seat post, your adventurous trip would be like riding on a magic carpet.

Getting Used to a New Bike:

An Electric bike is quite on the heavier side as compared to the regular bikes, hence try it out for the first time in an open space or an open plot or car parking .Try starting and stopping, changing the gears, move it around with your hands, turn it around corners. Start slow but be consistent with your practice, being confidence is good but being overconfidence especially with a new vehicle could be very harmful or dangerous. Get thorough with handling all the aspects of your new bike before taking on your first adventurous trip and as you excel at your new found vehicle take on the world with the eco-friendly beast.

Cost of Your New E Bike:

Your new electric bike initially will cost anywhere from ~$900 to ~$6000+, you can get one of the best electric bike under 1000$  while the best cheap electric bike 700$ ,depending on the features and specifications you want in your E-bike, this would be the most significant cost in the entire span of your electric bike.

Then there is an everyday cost of charging the battery everyday which is pretty insignificant, a mere average of 6c a day as compared to thousands spent on fuel refill like gas or petrol.

An average service of all the parts like lubricating the chains, replacing brakes, brake cables, chains, gears etc

A battery replace might be required every 4- 6 years of gap depending upon your usage

What more you get to save your money environment and in return you get a fit you, it’s a no brainer then, buying an electric bike is more of an investment for the betterment of yourself, environment as well as the society

Investing in an electric bike today is not just Eco-friendly or pocket friendly but it is fun, refreshing and a convenient way to commute and stay fit in the era of hectic lifestyles. When you are running behind schedule while running errands, electric bikes come handy as they cut through the heavy traffic clad roads. With increasing numbers of automobiles traffic and parking are two everyday problems faced by the common man, this is why you must buy an electric bike it not only keeps your cardiovascular activity in check but also prevents you from traffic, buy one and you will be happy to save on money on fuel, parking tickets and gym memberships, with no regrets whatsoever. Hectic lifestyle and environmental education has bought in the revolution and now more and more people from all walks of life be it a kid, student, industrialist or aged person are making a shift to this eco-friendly option. Above all remember our needs, goal and preference for features should be the deciding factor for selection of electric bike, your selection of electric bike should fit the bill with no regrets or compromises as that’s lots of money involved to regret. Happy biking, go eco-friendly!!

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